Tuesday, September 09, 2008

HFC Refigerants and POE Lubricants - Part 3: How to combat water in the system [2]?

Another aspect of POE oil is the ability to keep more solid particles in suspension than Mineral oil. This is particularly important in retrofitted systems where pockets of solid contamination are now flushed from low flow areas and need to be removed before moving parts in the system are damaged. The filter-drier for POE oils needs to have increased solid particle holding capacity with minimal impact to refrigerant flow capacity or pressure drop.

The filter-drier should also have improved contaminate removal efficiency as well to ensure that all particles are captured the first time they enter the filter-drier. The ability to remove smaller particles is also advantageous. The EK series filter-driers provide a unique combination of these characteristics to provide outstanding filtration.

The filter-driers for use in HFC and POE oil systems must maintain the system dry and free of any acids that may have been generated. However, since water capacity is of primary importance the filter-drier should contain a higher percentage of molecular sieve than was required for CFC and HCFC systems. But molecular sieve alone is not sufficient since it has virtually no organic acid capacity. An organic acid removal desiccant must be used such as activated alumina to ensure low acid levels are maintained. In addition, the filter-drier should also have increased filtration capacity and efficiency.

The EK filter-driers provides the optimal combination of these properties to ensure the long, trouble free life of any air-conditioning or refrigeration system.

The moisture indicating sightglass must also indicate moisture level in the range of less than 50 ppm moisture. Also, it must be able to perform this function at the temperature of the liquid line on which it is placed. Many sightglasses cannot perform this function at all liquid line temperatures. This low level indication ability is necessary to ensure that the system moisture never exceeds the level at which organic acid formation starts. The HMI & AMI moisture indicating sightglasses provide this low level detection early.

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