Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Choice is obvious

The choice is obvious - Emerson TI-series Thermal Expansion Valves for Refrigeration Applications

Emerson's TI-series thermal expansion valves are specifically designed to provide precise control of superheat in commercial refrigeration applications such as supermarket display cases, walk-in / reach-in coolers, freezers, soft ice-cream/ ice makers, cold rooms, milk tank coolers, transportation refrigeration as well as industrial applications of cooling systems.

In a constantly evolving industry, Emerson ensures that you stay ahead by bringing you tomorrow's technology --- today!

The new TI valves feature the highest maximum working pressure in the market, which make it the preferred choice for handling the toughest applications in the market. The new, unique and extremely easy-2-use valve adjustment mechanism makes installation and service job seem like child's play.

The superior superheat control means more stable and efficient operations for original equipment manufacturers, contractors and end-users.

The new generation TI- series TXV brings unparalleled performance and value to our customers around the world.

Look before you install

Make sure it's a genuine EK Filter Drier.

Make sure the EK filter drier you're installing is the one made by Emerson. Look for the specially-designed Emerson hologram with unique graphic patterns and serial numbers.

Imitations may look authentic, but they cannot deliver the long-lasting protection from moisture and contaminants you and your customers expect.

Look before you install

Potential side effects from inferior imitation products are

  • shortened compressor life
  • stuck expansion valves
  • shorted system component life
  • blocked coils
  • system leaks
Make sure you only work with authorized distributors to be guaranteed that the products you've purchased and installed is a genuine Emerson product. When in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact Emerson for assistance.