Thursday, February 15, 2007

EX Series Electrical Control Valves

EX4 / EX5 / EX6 / EX7 / EX8 are stepper motor driven valves for precise control of refrigerant mass flow in air conditioning, refrigeration, heat pumps, close control, and industrial process cooling applications.

The Control Valves can be used as thermo-expansion duty, liquid injection duty, hot gas bypass, evaporator pressure regulator, crankcase pressure regulator, head pressure
regulator, or liquid level control. This data sheet describes only the performance of the valves.

• Multifunction as expansion valves, hot gas bypass, suction gas throttling, head pressure, liquid level actuator etc.
• Fully hermetic design (no thread joints between valve body and motor compartment)
• Applicable to all common refrigerants (HCFC, HFC) and for subcritical CO2 applications
• Stepper motor driven
• Short opening and closing time
• Very fast full stroke time
• High resolution and excellent repeatability
• Bi-flow versions for heat pump applications
• Positive shut-off function to eliminate the use of an additional solenoid valve
• Linear flow capacity
• Extremely wide capacity range (10 … 100%)
• Continuous modulation of mass flow, no stress (liquid hammering) in the refrigeration circuit
• Direct coupling of motor and valve for high reliability (no gear mechanism)
• Ceramic slide and port for accurate flow and minimal wear
• Balanced force design
• Corrosion resistant stainless steel body and stainless steel connections

Europe patent No. 0743476,
USA patent No. 5735501,
Japan patent No. 28225789

Thursday, February 01, 2007

An awful effect of a fake filter drier.

The supermarket refrigeration system suffered because fake filter driers were used. Several call backs, money and time wasted as a result.