Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Selection Software

Emerson Climate Technologies’ Selection Software version 7.7 has been updated and the new version is now available for download at: http://www.emersonclimate.com/europe/en-eu/Resources/Software_Tools/Pages/Product_Selection_Software.aspx.

Comprehensive Stream compressor data for R407F and R407C including part load data is now available. The new Scroll ZO21 for CO2 extends the range downwards for smaller systems. Scroll ZO models including ZOD can be found in the LT Booster family. Condensing unit data has also been expanded to cover R407A and R407F options.

The new database includes:

·         Stream for low and medium temperature applications  using R407F including capacity control:  variable speed (inverter) application and cylinder unloading
·         Stream Digital for low and medium temperature applications  using R407F
·         Stream for medium and high temperature applications using R407C including capacity  control: variable speed (inverter) and cylinder unloading
·         Stream Digital for medium and high temperature applications using R407C
·         Copeland Scroll™  ZO21 for R744 subcritical applications
·         Copeland Scroll™ ZF*KVE (EVI) with R407F
·         Revised R407C performance data for ZB15-45KCE-TFD except ZB19KCE

Condensing Units 3-phase:
·         Low Temperature Copeland Eazycool™ Outdoor with R407A, R407F
·         Low Temperature Copeland Scroll™ Indoor with R407A, R407F
·         Enlarged operating envelope for Copeland Eazycool™ ZXL series

It is recommended to make a full installation into a new folder.

Select 8, the on-line version of the Selection Software will shortly be updated to include these changes. You will also soon find additional functionalities in Select 8 including compressor packs and customised selection list parameters. Check it out at http://selectonline.emersonclimate.eu. The ability to choose a refrigerant, and operating conditions, list families of products such as scroll compressors or outdoor condensing units will be familiar to Select 7 users. The user can fully explore model ranges in just the same way as in Select 7. A special version to suit hand-held Smartphones has been developed so that users can access Select 8 any time they are connected.

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Selection Software Team,
May 2013