Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Emerson Cup 2010

The quest for excellence and the desire to make a difference is universal - be it a professional or a student. At Emerson Climate Tehnologies, we have instituted the Emeson Cup to recognize and celebrate exceptional talent accross the Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration industry. If your project design is eco-friendly, energy-efficient or innovative, showcase it at the Emerson Cup - one of the biggest pan-Asian industry awards.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Superheat: The Best Way to Tune an Air Conditioning System

Superheat: The Best Way to Tune an Air Conditioning System

Emerson Cup

Emerson Cup

Oil Controls

When it comes to managing refrigeration systems, one of the main concerns is to keep the compressor lubricated while maintaining a high level of heat transfer and energy efficiency by removing as much oil as possible from the refrigerant. This requires sophisticated oil management devices.
Emerson's oil controls monitor oil levels throughout the refrigeration systems. The line includes:

* Suction accumulators
* Oil reservoirs
* Mechanical oil level regulators
* Oil level control systems
* High efficiency centrifugal oil controls
* Oil filters
* Acid test kits

Monday, July 26, 2010

Refrigeration Solenoid Valves & Coils

Emerson refrigeration solenoid valves have the lowest external leakage rates in the industry, are less susceptible to scoring, don't hold residual magnetism, and provide trouble-free operation due to their fail-safe design.

Emerson's coils for solenoid valves feature compact designs, interchangeable housings, and easier-to-use innovative coil clips. Emerson's coils snap into place without requiring screws or tools. The coil windings are insulated to provide shock and vibration protection. The ASC2, in particular, is designed to provide weather protection.

The Emerson Solenoid Multi-Purpose Tool is a magnetic tool that operates a solenoid valve without having to energize the coil. It has a spanner wrench that enables easier valve disassembly while protecting the enclosing tube. Furthermore, it is an adjustment tool that quickly opens a valve with manual stem.

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