Thursday, February 16, 2006


In an effort to standardize product appearance and capabilities, Emerson Climate Technologies Flow Controls is implementing a change to the color change label that affects the appearance but not performance of the AMI moisture indicating sightglass. The label has been changed from the 4 color label ( dark blue-dry, purple-dry/caution, pink-caution/wet, orange-wet) to the same 3 color label as the HMI moisture indicating sightglass (dark blue-dry, purple-caution, pale orange-wet). Please see the photos below that illustrate the change.

The ability of the moisture indicator has not changed and remains the most sensitive moisture indicator in the industry. In order to make the indicator easier to use, caution/wet pink color was removed. This indicator label still provides an intermediate color, caution, than competitive moisture indicators and so provides greater information to the service technician.

Because one color was removed, the sensitivity table has been modified. The table now is the same as the HMI, Emerson hermetic moisture indicator.