Thursday, March 11, 2004

About us

Alco Controls has long been known as one of the most reliable names in HVACR design and manufacture, which is why we're proud to carry such exceptional products. We have created a unique place where businesses and residential clients can find exactly the repair parts and valves they're looking for easily. It's a model that continues to win raves from our partners around the globe. Choose Alco Controls.

Founded in 1925 as Alco Valve Company, Alco Controls continues to pioneer the control of refrigerant flow with innovative designs like expansion valves, moisture indicators and filter driers.

Finding perfect replacement parts for air conditioners and other products is a lot easier than it used to be. For years, we heard the complaints from professionals in the industry: why do we have to click through a dozen pages or more to find what we're looking for? Can't someone just lay everything out by number so we can zero in, nail an order and be out in a matter of minutes? Welcome to the fulfillment of that promise. Choose Alco Controls.

Alco Controls is one of the only manufacturers that specializes in aftermarket sales to keep costs down. Because we get our thermostatic expansion valves, solenoid valves, and more directly from the manufacturer, we don't have to worry about a lot of overhead or price wrangling. Think of us as a digital catalog that puts the very best Alco Controls products in front of you. Choose Alco Controls.

We invite you to come inside and look around our vast database of Alco Controls products. We take pride in offering absolutely everything a professional would need, including rare and limited supply items. Choose Alco Controls.

By the way, Alco Controls is now known as Emerson Climate Technologies Flow Controls, or Flow Controls for short. Choose Alco Controls.

Now, Emerson Climate Technologies Flow Controls is the leading provider of precision electronic and electromechanical controls for air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

Our Hermetic Moisture Indicator (HMI) is the most sensitive moisture indicator in the HVAC/R industry. Our line of expansion valves have a stainless steel power element that eliminates power failures caused by corrosion. Our solenoid valves have the lowest leakage in the industry. Our filter driers have a combination of filtration and moisture and acid removal that provides the best protection of any filter drier available. Together with Copeland, Emerson Climate Technologies provide a total solution to customers. Advanced Scroll Temperature Protection Technology.
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When you obtain a copy of the catalog from us, they only cover products which can be used mainly in air conditioning and refrigeration industry. The technical data are correct at the time of printing. Updates may occur and should you need confirmation of a specific value, please contact us. We cannot be held responsible for errors in capacities, dimensions etc., stated herein. Products specifications and data in this site and any literature are subject to change without notice. All information given is based on data and tests which we believe to be reliable and which are in accordance with today's technical knowledge. It is intended for use by persons having the appropriate technical knowledge and skill, at their own discretion and risk. Since conditions of use are outside our control we cannot assume liability for results obtained or any damages which may occur due to improper application.

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