Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ACP (E) Direct Acting, Hot Gas Regulator

The ACP [E] is a direct acting, hot gas bypass regulator designed for small capacity systems. The adjustable ACP[E] regulators are supplied with factory setting of 40psig [point at which the regulator starts to open], which can be changed by adjustment. Turning clockwise will increase pressure setting.


  • small, compact size adapts to any installation
  • friction-free floating design
  • covers multiple capacity ranges
  • fully adjustable from 0-80 psig [factory setting 40psig]
  • wrench flats on inlets and outlets
  • can be used as a constant pressure automatic expansion valve
  • angle or straight through style
  • internal or external equalization
  • SAE or ODF connections
  • available with fixed settings / non-adjustable
  • clockwise to increase pressure setting
  • maximum working pressure: 450psig
  • maximum working temperature: 300F
  • UL/CUL file number SA 5312