Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How to choose a reliable Alco Controls reseller?

1) The reseller should be an Alco Controls oriented store.
2) The reseller should have a reasonably good knowledge of their products that will answer your questions regarding size selections, installations, trouble-shooting and certainly help you make a wise purchase.
3) If you stick to a reseller that is really an Alco Controls oriented store, that is totally focusing on Alco, you have a better chance of ensuring what the sales staff are talking about. If a store specializes in 20-30 different things, how good are they in any one of those things? But you come into a store that specializes in 1-2 things, you have a better chance of getting the correct products for your job. Refrigeration applications are different. That’s why we focus on giving you the right components ~ selected for specific application. With us value isn't just how much you save, but how much more you receive!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Differential Pressure Controls Series

FD113 oil pressure safety control senses the effective oil pressure on pressure lubricate compressors. If inadequate oil pressure exists, a time delay is energized. If oil pressure does not recover to safe levels within the time delay setting, the compressor is shut down. The time delay allows the compressor adequate time to establish oil pressure on start up and avoids nuisance shutdowns on pressure drop of short duration during the run cycle.
FD113 uses the pressure differential between the 2 inputs to operate and electrical switch. For application in refrigeration and air-conditioning systems according to EN378. Compressor oil pressure control.
Maximum application flexibility is assured by providing an adjustable differential pressure switch which can be adjusted to the compressor's minimum required oil pressure needs and an adjustable electronic time delay which allows you to select the length of time the compressor runs below the minimum pressure before shutdown.
The minimum pressure setting and time delay values specified by the compressor manufacturer should be used when installing the FD113 control.

  1. Pressure range adjustable from 4 to 65 psid; timer start pressure - timer stop pressure is 3psid above timer start pressure.
  2. A SPDT switch is used in the pressure portion of the control which allows the addition of a 'safe-light' is desired.
  3. Electronic timer is time-adjustable from 20 to 150 seconds, supply voltage - 24 to 240Volt AC/DC; timing unaffected by voltage or ambient temperature variations.
  4. A SPDT manual reset switch is used in the timer module; upon time-out, the compressor is stopped and an alarm circuit is energized; to restart the compressor and de-energize the alarm circuit, the reset button is pushed.
  5. A factory installed jumper allowed the FD113 to be powered from a single source power; should separate circuits be desired for the timer and 'lockout' switch, the jumper can be removed.
  6. Agency approvals include: UL/CUL file number E85974, VDE0631/0660, Tuv, CE73/23/EWG, CE93/68/EWG.