Thursday, September 25, 2008

Service Instructions for Take-A-Part Thermo Expansion Valves

Before opening any system, make sure the pressure in the system is brought to and remains at atmospheric pressure. Failure to comply may result in system damage and /or personal injury.
To inspect, clean, or replace parts of the Thermo valve:-
1) Disconnect equalizer line
2) Remove cap screws
3) Carefully lift off the power assembly
4) Remove cage assembly and gaskets
5) Lightly oil gasket with refrigeration oil

Best practice: Replace all gaskets whenever a valve is opened.

6) Assemble in the same order as disassembled
7) When putting the power assembly on, make sure the cage assembly lugs line up with the slots inside the power assembly
8) Tighten cap screws evenly and torque to 300 inch pounds
9) Check for leaks

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