Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Superior filtration for greater refrigeration protection

The Extra Klean EK Filter Drier
Get a bead on superior contaminant protection

When it comes to the refrigeration systems you install and maintain, what matters most? It is keeping them running at peak efficiency. Keeping your reputation intact and your customers satisfied. It is choosing superior filtration technology that delivers more reliable, longer-lasting protection from moisture and contaminants.

The EK Filter Drier offers unprecedented operational flexibility. It’s an ideal solution whether you’re using HCFCs, CFCs or newer HFC refrigerants. In fact, the EK Filter Drier is Copeland recommended for HFCs such as R-410A. Its beaded desiccants protect new POE oils from contaminants and quickly absorb and remove any moisture before acids can form. And there are a variety of available models to meet any system demand.

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