Monday, September 15, 2014

PS2 Dual Pressure Controls

PS2 Dual Pressure Controls are designed for use on high and
low pressure applications in refrigeration, airconditioning, and
heat pump systems. This control react to changes in either
low or high side pressures, providing single-device control of the
compressor or other electrical device.
• Adjustable pressures and differentials
• Narrow adjustable differential depending on model
• Range and differential pointer in units bar and psig
• Range and differential individually lockable by tab
• High rated SPDT contacts for all versions
• Captive terminal and cover screws
• Manual toggle for system checkout and override
• Factory installed wire bridge for reduced installation effort
• High side convertible from manual to auto reset.
• Different pressure connections
• Automatic and manual reset versions
• Factory set to customer specifi cation
• SPDT switch rated for 12FLA and 72LRA at 240VAC and 16FLA
and 96LRA at 120VAC
• Agency approvals include:
UL/CUL fi le number E85974,
CE per (LVD) low voltage directive

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