Monday, September 15, 2014

PS1 Single Pressure Controls

PS1 Single Pressure Controls are designed for use on high and low
pressure applications in refrigeration, airconditioning and heat
pump systems, providing single-device control of the compressor or
other electrical device.
• Adjustable pressures and differentials
• Narrow adjustable differential depending on model
• Range and differential pointer in units bar and psig
• Range and differential individually lockable by tab
• High rated SPDT contacts for all versions
• Captive terminal and cover screws
• Manual toggle for system checkout and override

• Different pressure connections
• Automatic and manual reset versions
• Factory set to customer specifi cation
• SPDT switch rated for 12FLA and 72LRA at 240VAC
and 16FLA and 96LRA at 120VAC
• Agency approvals include:
UL/CUL fi le number E85974
CE per (LVD) low voltage directive

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