Friday, December 09, 2011

Make sure it's a genuine EK Filter Drier

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The next time you're installing an EK Filter Drier, make sure you're installing a geniune EK Filter Drier from Emerson Climate Technologies Flow Controls. That's because more and more imitation EK Filter Driers are finding their way into our marketplace - imitations that cannot compete with the real thing for performance and reliability.

Look for the laser hologram label on our product as the proof of authenticity. The laser hologram label is specially designed with unique graphic patterns and serial numbers.

Avoid potential problems
Sure the imitations may look authentic, but they cannot deliver the long-lasting protection from moisture and contaminants you and your customers expect. In fact, the long list of potential side effects from inferior imitation products includes:-
  • Shortened compressor life
    • Wear damage from contaminant debris
    • Damage from acid formation
    • Damage from corrosion (water)
    • Copper plating due to moisture content
  • Stuck expansion valves
    • Freeze up due to presence of water
    • Valve stuck open or closed due to contaminant debris and sludge formation
  • Shortened system component life
    • Corrosion due to acid/ water
  • Blocked coils
    • Contaminant debris, sludge
  • System leaks
    • Due to corrosion/ water
Look for the Emerson Climate Technologies brand.
A supermarket refrigeration system suffered because fake filter driers were used. Several call backs, money and time wasted as a result.

How can you avoid those possible problems? How can you be sure the filter drier you're installing is a genuine EK Filter Drier? Look before you install. Make sure the label carries the genuine Emerson Climate Technologies brand.
Make sure you work only with authorized dealers. When in doubt, please do not hesitate to contact Emerson Climate Technologies for assistance. 

Deliver only the best
The EK Filter Drier delivers contaminant filtration, refrigerant drying and acid removal capabilities that are measurably superior to any other drier. The result? Peak system performance and confident, satisfied customers.
A geniune EK Filter Drier protects more than just an air conditioning or refrigeration system - it protects your reputation as well. You customers expect nothing less than the best. The best technology. The best service. The best protection. And the EK Filter Drier lets you meet that demand. It's just what you expect from the recognized industry leader - Emerson Climate Technologies Flow Controls.

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