Wednesday, July 02, 2008

How energy is saved by applying electrical control valves?

The recent energy price increases caused an explosion in the system operating cost. Reducing energy consumption saves money and as a beautiful side effect protects the environment.

Refrigeration and air-conditioning systems belong to the big energy consumers all over the world. Means to reduce the energy consumption have a strong effect on the cost.

Under full load conditions or fixed condensing pressure, conventional, as well as electronic systems operate efficiently. Under partial load or floating condensing pressure, which happens at low ambient temperature (e.g. at cloudly weather, at night, in spring, fall or winter) the condensing pressure decreases. In this case, thermal expansion valves tend to oscillate, which decreases their lifetime. Systems with electronic valves and controllers operate in partial load in the same exact and stable manner as under load. This potential to save energy is best at low condensing pressure.

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