Tuesday, July 17, 2007

System Protectors

Alco Controls range of filter driers includes both hermetic and take-apart filter driers, with versions for all fluorinated refrigerants, with 100% molecular sieves or composite cores. Hermetic filter driers are available as standard, bi-flow, combination (with receiver) and burn-out. The program for driers with replaceable cores includes shells for 48 to 192 cubic inches standard core for CFC and HCFC refrigerants, and standard core, burn-out core, and mechanical filter. Alco's sight glasses are used to monitor flow, level, condition, and moisture content of system refrigerant. Versions for CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants are offered. Models are offered for line, crankcase, and receiver monitoring. The market's premium compressor and refrigeration system protector.

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  1. 艾默生 EK 系列过滤器 列 干 燥 过 滤 器
  2. ALCO可拆卸式干燥过滤器,可以用于液管及吸气管处,具有有多种接头尺寸,安装方便,可更换芯体和块材能在不同的环境下工作等特点
  3. ALCO吸气过滤器用于 STAS,ADKS 及其它品牌的大容量型干燥过滤器上.过滤芯提供了优良的吸气管方面的压缩机保护.过滤芯保护压缩机不受液管内存在的污染物的损坏

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