Friday, January 06, 2012

2012-1 Select 7.5

Copeland and Alco Product Selection Software

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The industry’s leading selection software gives you access to the functionality you want with a single click. Fast and user friendly, you can make a quick selection or move to more advanced system calculations.
 Selection Software in a few points:
  • Work with compressors, condensing units and controls
  • Ease of use
  • Multi-language capability
  • Ability to customize and retain settings
  • Reduce/eliminate printed data sheets

You can work with compressors, condensing units, or controls and in the language of your choice - 18 are available. Custom settings enable you to quickly recall frequently used conditions and add your own contact and client details.

Simply choose a tab to find compressors, condensing units or controls, choose the families from which to make the selection, choose refrigerant and required capacity. Set your operating conditions to see the model which best matches your needs.

Speed buttons are provided to pre-set to standard operating conditions and all data is instantly updated when the required operating conditions are edited.

Information about the definitions and user tools in Select can be found in the Help system, and should further questions arise please contact us at Your feedback  is always welcome. Please send your comments and suggestions for improvements to us at the above email address.

Download Selection Software now and run the program to experience instant access to the compressor, condensing unit, heat pump and controls families.
Current program version:   v. 7.5 (2011-11-17)
Current database version: v. 40851 (2011-11-04)
What's new
Copeland Brand Product Selection Software has been updated to version 7.5 and is available for download. Users are recommended to upgrade and work with the latest version. There have been some minor changes to the internal structure, changes in the designation of the seasonal efficiency tools, and some additional weather data locations (S. America). The compressor isentropic efficiency was added to the list of performance parameters. Electronic expansion valve data for R23 and R744 (CO2) applications is now included.

The new database includes additional electronic expansion valve options:
  • Refrigerant R23 for EX4-EX6
  • Refrigerant R744 for EX2 and EX4-EX8

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Mobile Apps

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HVACR Fault Finder  (Sept. 22, 2011)
Provides on-site compressor troubleshooting for air conditioning and refrigeration applications, allowing contractors to easily access product specifications for Copeland brand compressors containing electronics. Download to your Android™ or iPhone® for FREE.
WRMobile  (Sept. 16, 2011)  
Instant field access to product replacement information including wiring diagrams, sell sheets, installation and operating instructions for thermostats, gas valves, and HVAC controls. Download the FREE WRMobile application for your Android™, iPhone® or BlackBerry® device. 
Emerson PTPro  (Sept. 15, 2011)   
Provides on-the-go access to pressure and temperature conversions. Select a refrigerant and enter a temperature (in C or F) and see what a saturated pressure (in Bar or Psig) will be. You can also enter a pressure and see what the saturated temperature is for that pressure. Download the Emerson PT Pro to your Android™, iPhone®or BlackBerry® device for FREE.
Emerson X-Check  (Sept. 14, 2011)    
Cross-reference database for on-the-go access to Emerson’s valves, controls and system protectors. The X-Check app allows mobile users to pull up information based on manufacturer, product type and model number to locate the corresponding Emerson product. Download the Emerson X-Check to your Android™,iPhone® or BlackBerry® device for FREE.

Emerson e-Saver™   (Sept. 9, 2011)   
Quickly calculate and show homeowners the annual cost savings of high efficiency systems in the palm of your hand. Download the Emerson e-Saver application for yourAndroid™ or iPhone® device for FREE.

Copeland X-Ref™  (Sept. 17, 2010)  
Quick and easy compressor cross reference information is now available on your mobile. Download the Copeland X-Ref application for your Android™,iPhone® or Blackberry® device for FREE. 
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